Covid-19 Safety Measures

For the 2020/2021 Winter Season

A mouth-nose protection must be worn at all times, in the ski bus, in the ski depot, at the cashier’s desks and in the lift facility areas already while queuing and in all cable cars. A FFP2 mask has to be worn in cable cars and chair lifts with bubbles as well as in those access areas from the age of fifteen (From the age of six to fourteen usual face mask is required).

FFP2 masks can be purchased at the ski area for € 2,-, but we ask everybody to bring a mask by themselves if possible.
You can also purchase a multifunctional scarf at the ticket office for € 1,-.

Children under the age of six do not have to wear face covering according to the decree issued by the Austrian government.

Mandatory face masks for everyone! We do not tolerate any exceptions in this area (also not with doctor’s certificate). Otherwise, our staff it is not in the position to carry out controls.

Mouth-nose protection mask is not required on the slopes.

Hinterstoder: Hours of operation Höss-gondola: daily from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Wurzeralm: Hours of operation cable car: Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays* from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  
(*except 26.03.- 05.04.2021 daily)

Details on hours of operation


All lifts (gondolas, cable car, chairlifts…) are aired during the ride the best possible. Please, do also take care of fresh air supply during the ride (open the window, open weather protection hood, etc.)!

Disinfectants are installed at the public toilets and other crucial spots at the ski resort.

Days not used on the ticket due to the pandemic are refunded proportionately if the ski resorts of Hinterstoder and Wurzeralm are officially closed during the 2020/21 winter season and the validity of the several-day lift ticket was affected. Customers who could not use the several-day ticket during the entire time of validity have to file a refund application to the respective sales agency by 30.04.2021 in writing.

After the expiration of this deadline no applications can be filed, and the optional pandemic refund guarantee expires. 

SunnyCard: Only in case of a pandemic resulting in the official shutdown of all lifts and cable cars at the same time at the SunnyCard partner destinations in Upper and Lower Austria (Hinterstoder, Wurzeralm, Hochficht, Kasberg, Hochkar und Ötscher) during the winter season of 2020/21, we  guarantee a pandemic refund  for SunnyCard season tickets.

Snow&Fun Card: Only in case of a pandemic resulting in the official shutdown of all lifts and cable cars at the same time at the Snow & Fun Card partner ski resorts (Hinterstoder, Wurzeralm, Hochficht, Kasberg, Dachstein West, Feuerkogel and Krippenstein) during the winter season of 2020/21 and the customer has used the SunnyCard less than 15 days while valid, we  guarantee a pandemic refund.

More details under Season Tickets!

The currently valid Corona safety measures will be made known on signs and by public address announcement.

The restaurants will remain closed.

Public toilets are available in Hinterstoder at the large cable car car park, at the valley station of the Höss cable car, at the middle station at the Höss Express valley station, in the SunnyKids Park, at the Almlift T-bar lift and in the valley station of the Hösskogel chairlift. The Toilets in our hut "Bärenhütte" are also open!

On the Wurzeralm, the toilets are open in the valley at the Arena Treff and at the top station of the funicular. The Toilets in our hut "Bärenhütte" are also open!


Due to the official regulation, the entire gastronomy will remain closed.

As soon as huts will be open:
Even MORE service at our online restaurants at Bärenhütte Galerie (first floor) in Hinterstoder and at Wurzeralm on-mountain restaurant! It is now possible to order online to avoid queuing and unnecessary personal contacts.

We have prepared an online menu with selected dishes and beverages. The info desk right at the entrance to the respective restaurant provides information whether there is still room at the online restaurant.

 → How does it work? Easy!
Take a seat, scan the QR-code, put chosen dishes and beverages in cart, order, pay and the food will be delivered to your table.  

Payment is possible with credit card and direct banking!

Mouth-nose masks must be worn everywhere but when sitting at the table! Alle surfaces are disinfected regularly and the rooms are aired.  Please follow our staff’s instructions. Our house rules are permanently adjusted to the legal provisions.

Basically, you must maintain the legal minimum distance everywhere. We organised the queueing area in such a way that crowds are avoided the best possible.

All lifts (gondolas, cable cares, chairlifts, …) are disinfected regularly.

All cable cars are public means of transportation and are subject to the same regulations.

According to new government guidelines, closed arial ropeways are only allowed to carry 50% of their capacity. Therefore, our 6-person gondolas can only transport three persons, our 10-person gondolas only five persons, our Höss-Express 6-seater chairlift 3 persons and our funicular can only transport 70 persons. 

As in all public transport, mouth-nose protection is compulsory, with the wearing of an FFP2 mask mandatory in all gondolas, cable cars, coverable chairlifts from the age of 14.

Please note that only half of the people can be transported. Do not forget to keep minimum distance when queueing. Instructions by the staff must be observed at any time. Subject to change.

Information: The risk of infection exists only if you stay in a closed room for a longer period of time and you do not maintain a minimum distance.

It is entirely up to you whether you ride the gondola with other people!

The staff of Hinterstoder-Wurzeralm Bergbahnen AG are trained and instructed according to the standardised guidelines and regulations on Corona safety measures

Yes, we do have a person in charge of Corona issues, who is responsible for the planning and the implementation of the measures.

Every employee working directly with customers must either wear a face mask or be separated from the customer by special construction (e.g. sneeze guard).

The Contact Tracing APP “STOPP CORONA” by the Austrian Red Cross helps to fight the spread of COVID-19 – we recommend using this app.



IMPORTANT: All contents of this page have been compiled in the best of the editor's knowledge and belief. All contents and information may be subject to alterations. State regulations form the legal basis for operation. Information and material regarding protective measures have been provided by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce – Division Ropeways.